CopywritingIs your PPC program a patchwork of guesstimates or a well-executed strategic plan?

PPC, or pay per click advertising, has the potential for outstanding ROI. Unfortunately, it also has the potential to become a money sink where customers visit your site but leave without making a purchase or even requesting more information.

Your PPC should generate viable leads

A “throw it all at the wall and see what sticks” methodology may work in some instances, but taking this approach to PPC management puts you in danger of draining your marketing budget without any noticeable return.

Instead, your PPC campaigns should take a targeted approach. What are the specific keyword phrases your most viable customers search for? What geographic areas are they searching from? What time of day do the searches take place?

PPC management created to get results

Our PPC setup and management services work through a multi-pronged approach, accounting for every stage of the process if you desire, or working with your existing resources to enhance the effectiveness of your pay per click advertising campaigns. We can help you:

  • Research and determine the most effective keyword phrases for organic ad traffic, accounting for geography and other relevant factors

  • Determine what kinds of offers and features are most likely to encourage visitors to continue browsing and make a purchase

  • Utilize relevant keyword phrases to create PPC ads that your target market will find powerful and compelling

  • Create landing pages with strong calls to action and appealing design that eliminates clutter and draws the visitor’s eye to the right information

  • Measure the results of your PPC campaign and make adjustments to enhance its effectiveness and increase your return on investment

Effective PPC Campaigns Create More Conversions

PPC campaigns cost money, and the companies serving your ads charge based on the ads themselves, not how many conversions you receive. In the internet marketplace, you can’t afford not to place PPC ads, which makes it even more important to create effective campaigns.

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